The Work Release Program in Pennsylvania

The Work Release Program in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania work release and community work program began in 1968, with just a few inmates. This alternative sentencing program that allows people who have been convicted of mostly nonviolent crimes to stay employed, seek work, and continue to have connection with their families while serving their sentence. It allows for these particular individuals to transition much more smoothly back to family and community after having served jail time.

It is quite clear to all involved that punishing those who commit crimes just creates more crime. Thus, the Work Release program continues to grow and expand.

Work Release Program Procedure

It is available for some convicted individuals who qualify. You must apply for it through the Work Release Program and be interviewed by the WRP Review Committee. It is important that you or your attorney should inform the judge at the time of your sentencing that you are applying for the Work Release program. You must schedule an appointment, as well, for the WRP Review.

Minimum Security With WRP

The WRP provides just minimum security jail time that also allows the person the chance to hold down a job and help support his or her family while in jail. It also offers inmates a way to pay off any fines that they owe while they are in jail, and not have to worry bout paying off debt once they are released.

Criteria to Follow for WRP

During the first 45 days of the program, you must either have a job or be actively seeking work. Once you have been working for two weeks and have followed all program rules, you will be allowed a 5-hour pass every other week. This continues to upgrade to 7 hours over time. You are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week, only, and are required to take a day off.

Any money that is earned is put into a work release account. It is distributed once a week, though there can potentially be exceptions made. You must request any deviation from the standard Work Release process at the time that you are interviewed for work release program.

After 45 days of serving in the WRP, you can begin to receive your paychecks directly, pay for your own items as opposed to having them administered through the WRP program, work up to 60 hours weekly and obtain a 12-hour pass each weekend.

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