What Is Vocational Rehab?

What Is Vocational Rehab?

Vocational rehabilitation in Pennsylvania is essentially retraining a worker for a different job if after suffering an injury physical limitations prevent the worker from performing the old job. Generally, a vocational counselor will interview you to determine your earning power, capability, and transferable skills if you are unable to perform your old job.

Vocational rehabilitation counselors then develop a training program that will help you retrain and get back to work, but in a job that you are capable of performing based on your specific physical situation. Just because they are involved in retraining and in helping you find an appropriate job, the rehab job counselors are not necessarily on your side. Their job is to basically put an end to your workers’ compensation benefits by getting you employed. If you do not cooperate with their efforts, you could also have your benefits ended.

If you have gotten vocational rehabilitation training and been offered a job that you can perform with your physical limitations, it is important to accept the employment. However, you do not have to accept just any job. The work must be appropriate to your limitations, education, training, age, and experience.

Please note that insurance companies typically will hire someone to follow and videotape your activity outside the home. They will, in some situations, even look in your home to see if you are, indeed, as disabled or limited in your physical ability as you have said you are.

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