What Is Attractive Nuisance?

What Is Attractive Nuisance?

Attractive nuisance is just as it sounds. It is any object, such as a swimming pool, or condition, such as a pile of lumber, that may tempt a child to trespass on someone’s land. The attractive nuisance stipulates that the person who owns the land is held accountable for any injuries sustained by children who were attracted to the “nuisance,” and as a result suffered injury.

The five conditions that must be fulfilled for a property owner to be held liable include:

    1. The owner knows that the place where the object, such as the swimming pool, or the condition, such as the dangerous lumber pile, exists, is in an area that children will likely trespass.
    2. The child or children do not realize the extent of the danger involved in contacting the object or the condition because of their youth and thus do not realize the risk of death or serious injury.
    3. The owner knows that children, because they are ignorant of the danger of coming into contact with the object or condition, such as a deep hole or a lumber pile, due to their young age, do not recognize the risk involved in coming into contact with the object or condition.
    4. The benefit of eliminating the danger or maintaining the condition is negligible compared to the risk to any involved child.
    5. The owner fails to use reasonable care to protect the children or eliminate the danger.

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