Violation of a Restraining Order

Violation of a Restraining Order

Even if you are sure that there’s been a mistake, you must not violate a restraining order, or you could be facing jail time and fines. This criminal contempt of court sentence could affect your life as well as the lives of any involved children going forward if you are in the midst of a custody issue or a divorce.

Orders of protection or restraining orders are often mandated it cases involving domestic violence, harassment, and stalking. However, restraining orders are also issues to make people comply with issues like these:

  • Temporary support order payments
  • Making you leave your own home
  • Limiting the contact you have with your biological children of the person who took out the retraining order against you
  • No contact by phone, email or any other means

Receiving a retraining order for any of the above items is incredibly upsetting. It can be humiliating, bewildering, and traumatizing. At the same time, it’s the law, and you must obey it. However off the mark you may know that the restraining order is, and often they are taken out to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody battle. Don’t take the law into your own hands.

If, however, you have been charged with violation of a restraining order, you may be facing a contempt of court charge, for violating the order. Criminal contempt does not have a jury trial, but you can retain a lawyer.

You could be facing from six months’ probation to 6 months jail time with fines of $ 300- 1000. Talking to an attorney who understands how to fight for your rights can be critical in the outcome of your case.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested for violating a restraining order, it is important that you discuss your concerns with someone who understands the potential consequences of a conviction and how to best protect your rights.

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