Think before you consent!

Think before you consent!

In everyday society a lot of time is spent talking about the fact that you should never talk to the police and/or give a statement without first talking to an attorney.  This constitutionally protected right is highlighted on the news, television shows,  movies and written about in novels.  But there is an equally protected right you have as an individual that does not seem to get as much attention.  That is the right to be free from warrantless searches and seizures.

If you are pulled over in your car by the police and they ask if they can search your vehicle, you have the absolute right to say NO!

If the police show up on your doorstep without a warrant and ask to search your home,  you have the absolute right to say No!

As a society we are afraid of saying “no” to the police.  People think that if they refuse the Police’s request to search that it will make them look guilty and so they feel they don’t have a choice but to comply.  Nothing is further from the truth… assert your rights, make the police follow the letter of the law and obtain a warrant, don’t roll over and give permission or “consent” to the search because you feel that you can’t say no!

If you or someone you love are facing charges as a result of a warrantless search, contact the Law Office of Attorney John E. Kusturiss, Jr., Esquire, P.L.L.C. today.  You may have a valid suppression issue that may change the whole outlook of your case.  Don’t gamble with your future hire an attorney with the experience to get you the results you deserve.





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