Sex Offenses – Can Your Attorney Really Make a Difference?

Sex Offenses – Can Your Attorney Really Make a Difference?

Recently in Media, Delaware County, two defendants charged with the same Sex Offense, Possession of child pornography, and sentenced in front of the same Delaware County Judge received two very different sentences; Why?  While the one defendant received a 9 month jail sentence followed by probation, the other walked away with house arrest followed by probation.  The answer is the way the two attorney’s approached the case.

In one case, the Defense Attorney took the starting offer from the District Attorney and told the defendant that was the best deal he was going to get.  That attorney did not see his client as an individual but rather just another person charged with an unspeakable crime.  In the other case the Media, Delaware County, Defense Attorney took the time to look at the defendant, his life experience and refused to allow him to just be categorized as a pedophile.  This attorney took steps to demonstrate to the District attorney’s office that his client did not deserve a jail sentence in this case and furthermore that his client was not predisposed to committing this type of crime again.  As a result, the District Attorney reconsidered his offer and agreed to the above sentence of house arrest followed by probation.

The lesson, who you hire to represent you makes a difference!

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