I Repeat You Do Not Have To Talk To The Police

I Repeat You Do Not Have To Talk To The Police

As I sit here reading the local paper, I am once again amazed by the number of guilty pleas as a result of statements made to the police by people charged with a crime.  For some inexplicable reason people feel that if they talk to the police things will go easier for them… and in my experience that is just not the case!  Far to often if you just gave the police your name and answered biographical questions only you would preserve a defense to your charges or you may never be charged in the first place.

A common example is when individuals are looking at child pornography on a file sharing network that is picked up by the authorities.  The police then get a search warrant to search your computer and/or cell phone.  When they come to your house to execute the warrant they are extremely nice and understanding and state that they understand that you were only curious or only looked at it one time.  Don’t be fooled! They want a confession to make their job easier.  With out the confession they have to prove that you were the only one with access to the computer and therefore the one downloading and sharing those images!

It is your constitutional right to remain silent!  So when in doubt call… a lawyer first!  He or she will be able to let you know if it is really in your best interest to give a statement and then guide you accordingly.

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