Rear-End Accidents and Soft Tissue Damage

Rear-End Accidents and Soft Tissue Damage

Rear-End Accidents and Soft Tissue DamageThe impact from a car crash, in particular a rear-end car accident, quite commonly causes soft tissue injury in accident victims. These types of injuries can take months or longer to heal.

What is soft tissue damage? Soft tissue damage happens when the tissue around your muscles tears. Adhesions form to patch the tissues that have been damaged. The tissue can tear for many reasons: sprains, strains, too much exercise and from jolts caused by accidents.

Part of the problem with soft tissue injury is that it’s not detectable the way a broken bone is. Mostly, people think that they just got banged up a bit and are going to be fine. However, the soft tissue that’s injured can wreak havoc in a person’s body, causing additional, and sometimes, chronic pain.

As the adhesions heal, they bind together, and the tissue in that area is tighter. This begins impacting the surrounding muscle, which can put added stress on that muscle. This in turn affects other muscles in that area of the body, which must accommodate and adjust for the tighter muscle. Thus, soft tissue injury can make it difficult for a person to have full functional range of motion in that part of the body.

Rear-end accidents jolt and shake a person’s body. In fact, whiplash is essentially a whip-like motion of the neck that happens when your head is slammed forward and then jerked back due to accident impact. Soft tissue injury is common with whiplash.

Obtain a diagnosis and treatment from a medical doctor, chiropractor or other medical experts who treat this type of injury. In situations like these, it’s not wise to jump right back into your exercise routine. It’s also wise to wait a bit before starting physical therapy. Chiropractors and osteopaths have expertise in treating these types of injuries to the soft tissue of a person’s body.

Insurance companies typically have a “standard” for when your injury should be healed. If you are still not recovered at their cutoff point, you many consider seeking the guidance of an attorney to represent you in a personal injury claim.

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