Questions to Ask Potential Attorneys

Questions to Ask Potential Attorneys

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

When you retain legal counsel, it’s a two-way relationship. Your attorney wants to know that you have a valid case, that it will be worth their time and effort to represent you. But it’s also your opportunity to interview the lawyer and find the one that’s best suited to meet your needs.

Here’s a list of topics to help you get the legal counsel you need:

  • Determine the lawyers experience—You want to know how long the attorney has practiced, and how many cases similar to yours he or she has handled.
  • Learn about all potential costs upfront—Make certain that you understand how the lawyer charges (hourly, flat fee or contingency), as well as what is covered by any fees paid. Ask for an estimate of the total cost.
  • Ask about potential outcomes—A potential lawyer can’t make any guarantees or promises, but can give you an idea of the possible results. You should also ask how long it will take, and whether there are alternatives to litigation, such as mediation or arbitration, that can help you resolve your case. Confirm the primary mode of communication with your lawyer—by phone? by e-mail?
  • Determine style and approach—Will your lawyer be aggressive and unbending? Will they seek to cooperatively work out a solution? What’s their skill set and what’s in your best interests?
  • How involved will your lawyer be?—Some attorneys defer most work to paralegals or associates, only representing you in trial proceedings or other hearings. Find out who will be doing all of the work, and how much experience they have

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