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Delaware County Protection from Abuse (PFA) Orders

Protection from Abuse (PFA) Orders | Domestic Violence

Under Pennsylvania law, you can seek a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order to protect you and your children from an abuser. The statute allows you to file a PFA request against a family member or an intimate partner, but does not authorize protective orders against strangers or roommates. When you seek to obtain a PFA, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who understands the full scope of relief you can seek. The attorneys at the Law Offices of John E. Kusturiss Jr. can help.

At the Law Offices of John E. Kusturiss Jr., we have protected the rights of people in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 30 years. Because of our vast experience, we are familiar with a wide range of legal strategies, and can quickly assess your case and determine the most effective way to get the outcome you seek. We built our successful practice on a commitment to hard work and the highest levels of personal attention. When we take your case, we won’t give up until we have exhausted every avenue to get the results you want.

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Helping You Seek a Protection from Abuse Order

We offer comprehensive counsel to individuals who want to put a PFA order in place. We know from experience that every county has a somewhat different process for obtaining a PFA. We are familiar with the requirements in the different counties in and around the Delaware Valley, and will handle all matters related to your petition for a Protection from Abuse order. We will help you gather and preserve relevant information, and will prepare and file all necessary pleadings or other documents with the court. We will also be your voice in all hearings or proceedings.

Because of our knowledge and experience, we understand all the things you can ask for in a request for a PFA order. When appropriate, we can help you obtain an order that:

  • Prohibits threatening, abusive or harassing behavior, or anything considered to be stalking
  • Evicts the abuser from your residence and prevents the abuser from coming within a certain distance of your home, work or physical presence
  • Grants you custody of your children
  • Requires that your abuser turn over all weapons to the sheriff
  • Makes your address or location confidential

In addition to helping you seek a PFA, we can help you work with authorities to secure enforcement of the order if it has been violated. Such a violation is a criminal offense handled by police and prosecutors, but we can help you take the right steps to protect your safety and the safety of your family.

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