Protecting Your Rights After Being Injured in a Car Accident

Protecting Your Rights After Being Injured in a Car Accident

Protecting Your Rights After Being Injured in a Car AccidentThere are several steps you can take to protect your rights after you’ve been injured in a car crash.

Document everything about the accident, from calling the police to file a report to securing the name, contact information and insurance information of the at-fault driver to getting the names and contact information of all witnesses and taking photographs at the scene.

Getting the names and numbers of witnesses is important because, if there is any question about fault, the witnesses who saw the accident can help prove that you were not at fault should your account of the accident be contested. Taking photographs of the accident scene and all damage is also important because this will help the insurance adjusters and anyone else involved in your case interpret what happened and how it happened. It is especially important to get photographs of the point of impact.

Have photographs taken of you that document any bruises, cuts, bangs and the like. This is important because when it comes time to settle your personal injury claim down the road, you will have healed. However, the bruises, bumps and cuts can demonstrate the pain and suffering you experienced if you are filing a claim that includes pain and suffering damages. Additionally, if you have been scarred or are in any way disfigured as a result of your injury, you will have the photographs to prove that the initial wounds were related to the accident.

Seek medical attention right away for your injuries. You should get to the doctor or the emergency room as soon as you can. Inform the doctor what happened, and clearly spell out all the symptoms you are experiencing that are related to the accident. Follow the doctor or other health professional’s treatment plan, and keep track of how your symptoms are improving.

Make sure to collect records of each visit at the time that you are leaving the doctor’s office. Have the doctor’s office e-mail the records to you. You can then forward a copy to the insurance company and to your lawyer, if you are retaining one to represent you. File all the papers in one file, either online or in hard copy. You should have easy access to all documents from the insurance company as well.

Communicate with your insurance company even though you are not at fault in the accident. Many insurers just want to know, especially if you have no-fault insurance in your state.

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