Property Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

Property Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

In Pennsylvania, property liability or premises liability essentially determines who is at fault when an accident that causes injury or death occurs on someone else’s property. Attorneys commonly refer to cases arising from property liability as “slip and fall” accident cases.

When property is negligently maintained, meaning that the upkeep on the premises was not in accordance with safety standards and what is reasonably expected of a property owner, accidents can occur. The person or organization responsible for the property, whether that is a property management company, a restaurant owner, a homeowner, a commercial landlord, a hotel owner, or a grocery company, can potentially be held liable, depending on the unique circumstances of the incident in question.

Here are some examples of potential negligence:

  • Falls down stairs when there is a poorly maintained railing or a missing railing or a missing or broken step
  • Slips on floors due to spills that have not been cordoned off or where no warnings have been placed so people will avoid the danger area
  • Falls on snow and ice that should have been removed from walkways or driveways
  • Attacks on someone else’s property due to poor security
  • Broken porch railings that cause a person to fall
  • Uneven pavement on sidewalks that lead a person to trip and fall
  • Inadequate lighting leading to a fall
  • Negligent hiring so that either the employee does harm or does not protect from harm as hired

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