Probation Violations in Pennsylvania: What Are the Consequences?

Probation Violations in Pennsylvania: What Are the Consequences?

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When you were sentenced with probation, you heard stern warnings about what would happen if you violated the terms of your probation. If you have now violated your probation, you need dependable information regarding the possible legal consequences.

Your probation officer will have a high degree of discretion regarding how to handle your violation. Key questions that may determine the severity of your punishment may include:

  • Have you violated your probation before?
  • How does your violation relate to your original offense? (For example, if you were convicted of drunk driving, did your violation involve alcohol?)
  • What was the nature of your violation, i.e. was it procedural or did it involve a crime? What kind of crime?

Consequences can range from a warning direct from your probation officer to additional probation terms, an extended sentence and even a complete revocation of your probation and jail time, as imposed by a judge.

If you have violated your probation, it makes sense at this point to take no risks. After all, your freedom is at stake. What could be more important?

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