Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Errors and Personal Injury: What Are Your Rights?

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Errors and Personal Injury: What Are Your Rights?

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Most Americans are generally aware of medical malpractice laws and know that, if a doctor or nurse negligently deviates from established standards of care and serious injuries result, financial compensation may be available via a lawsuit. The concept of pharmacy and pharmaceutical malpractice, however, is less commonly known.

Pharmacy and pharmaceutical malpractice covers injuries resulting from medication issues. Pharmacy and pharmaceutical malpractice injuries often involve situations such as:

  • A pharmacist filling a prescription with the wrong medication
  • A misreading of a doctor’s handwriting on a prescription order
  • A doctor’s failure to anticipate one drug’s interaction with another
  • Negligence regarding drug allergies
  • A prescription overfill resulting from, for instance, a misreading of quantities or measurement units (i.e. 2.0 versus 20 or gram versus milligram)
  • A manufacturing error (a good example is the current problem of meningitis-tainted steroid injections that has led to the injury or death of dozens of people across the U.S.)
  • Dangerous drugs that cause blood thinning, blood clotting, a weakening of bones, cardiac failure and a host of other medication-related injuries and wrongful death)

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