You’ve Been Charged with a Second or Third DUI Violation. What Happens Now?

You’ve Been Charged with a Second or Third DUI Violation. What Happens Now?

Handling DUI Cases in Media, Pennsylvania, for More than 30 Years

If you face the possibility of a second, third or fourth DUI conviction, you already know of the expense, inconvenience and other consequences of a conviction from your prior conviction(s). You probably also know that multiple DUI convictions will bring consequences that will greatly exceed those you’ve already faced. For instance, second, third and fourth convictions will likely result in:

  • A 12 or even 18-month suspension of your driver’s license
  • A mandatory 12-month ignition interlock
  • Fines of $300 to $5,000
  • A jail sentence of five days to five years
  • Possible house arrest
  • Evaluations from the Alcohol Highway Safety School and Court Reporting Network

Though you may feel that a conviction will inevitably result from your recent arrest, many DUI charges are dropped due to police error, constitutional violations, problems with evidence and other factors. To learn more regarding the advisability of fighting your DUI charges, contact the criminal defense attorneys of The Law Offices of John E. Kusturiss, Jr.

Firm attorneys John E. Kusturiss and Alyssa K. Poole bring more than three decades of legal experience to your Philadelphia-area drunk driving case. Our experience covers all facets of the legal process: both attorneys are former assistant district attorneys as well as experienced defense lawyers. We’ve prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases. We will be able to identify any holes in the prosecution’s case and can immediately follow up with demands to reduce or drop the charges. Our representation has resulted in positive results for countless clients.

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