Multi-Car Crashes—Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Interests

Multi-Car Crashes—Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Interests

The aftermath of a two-car collision can be confusing enough—gathering all the necessary information to help an attorney pursue compensation for your losses, making certain you get the medical treatment you need. But when there are three or more vehicles, things can become extremely complicated. Here are some guidelines to protect yourself.

Your Right to Recover Compensation

When you have been injured in a multi-car accident, you have a right to seek damages from any negligent party. For example, if two other drivers were speeding (perhaps drag racing) and caused your injuries, you can take legal action against both of them. However, you may not recover more than the full amount of your losses from all responsible parties combined.

If all of the other drivers have adequate insurance, what will most likely happen is that “primary” coverage will fall under one of the policies. This means that your losses will be paid first under that policy. If that policy is not sufficient to cover all your losses, you can pursue “excess” or “secondary” coverage under the policies of other liable parties. As the injured party, you do not have to make a determination regarding which of the multiple insurers has primary coverage responsibility. Once you notify all potentially liable carriers, they must work out between themselves who has primary and who has secondary responsibility. Once that has been done, you can seek to negotiate a settlement with the primary carrier, and with the secondary carrier, if necessary.

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