Can I Move Out of State on Probation?

Can I Move Out of State on Probation?

It is possible to move out of state on probation, but you must seek approval in writing from your probation officer in Pennsylvania. You are not even allowed to visit another state without written approval from your probation officer.

Failure to go through formal channels to visit or move out of state can result in your probation being revoked, which would force you to serve out your sentence.

Your probation officer will need to see that you have honored the rules of your probation. This means you have met with him or her as scheduled, passed the urine tests, paid any fines and are making regular payments of restitution, have gone through any required treatment or counseling programs and performed any community service requirements.

Requesting Move Out of State – Meet Your Probation Officer

Your probation officer will want to know why you are requesting a move out of Pennsylvania. It is important that you demonstrate how this move will actually help you have a more stable life.

For example, is there a job waiting in another state that is a better career move? Do you have family who will support you while you attend school? Is there a school program available in another state that is not offered in Pennsylvania? Are you moving to be close to your children? If you are a flight risk, meaning at risk of abandoning your probation, then your probation likely won’t be granted.

If the probation officer agrees to give you permission, you will receive a written note that legally allows you to travel out of state to the state you are moving. However, your actual probation transfer to a new probation officer in the new state you are moving to can take several months to come through. This means that it can take several months for your case to be assigned to a probation officer in your new state of residence.

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