Medical Mistakes….ways to protect yourself and loved ones!

Medical Mistakes….ways to protect yourself and loved ones!

While Hospitals are capable of great medical feats, they are also plagued by daily errors that can cost human lives.  Why… because hospitals are staffed and run by human beings and human beings are not prefect.   So while to “err is Human,” many human errors can be prevented.

Patient Safety Advocate groups agree that patients can minimize their risk by keeping a close eye on their care.  Hospitals are busy places with a lot of moving parts,  so you need to come prepared.   Here are some ideas to help protect yourself or a loved one on your next hospital trip:

  • Bring an advocate – a friend or family member especially for check in and discharge.  If you don’t have a friend or family member available many hospitals have a patient advocate or staff person you can consult; or you can hire your own advocate.
  • Bring a notebook.  Write down all your medication, why you take them and who prescribed them.  Take the time to include the phone number of your pharmacy and key personal and medical contacts.  While in the hospital if and when questions arise write them down along with the answers you receive.
  • Bring a big bottle of sanitizer and put it by your bed to remind staff and visitors to keep their hands clean.  It is a dirty world out there and when you are in a weakened state the last thing your body needs is an infection.

While these ideas/suggestions can help protect you, they are not a guaranteed prevention from medical mistakes occurring.  Accidents sometimes happen despite our best efforts to prevent them.  If you or a loved find yourself the victim of a medical mistake contact the Law Office of John E. Kusturiss, Jr., P.L.L.C for a free consultation today.


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