Justice Is There For Those Who Take Risks!

Justice Is There For Those Who Take Risks!

On October 18, 2012, Alyssa Poole of our firm got a Not Guilty verdict for a client who was steadfast in his innocence from his first meeting with her.

Our client was accused of stealing a speed monitoring device the police had on the side of the road to check for speeders. This device consisted of three parts; two metal units that would sit across the road from each other connected by an infrared beam; and a unit in the police car that would receive the vehicle speed after the vehicle passed through the infrared beam. Our client had a full time day job and was a scrapper by night. This particular night he was a passenger in a pick up truck driven by his girlfriend. They were scrapping to find enough discards to sell so his girl-friend could pay her $40 cell phone bill. When they drove by the speed timing device it was dark and they figured it was metal trash left on the side of the road. They only saw one half of the unit which was worthless other than as scrap with out the benefit of both halves and the receiver. After he picked this half up and put it in the back of the pick up and they started to drive off the police who were monitoring the device some distance away put on their lights and pulled them over about 400 feet down the road. He was arrested and charged with felony theft. To make matters worse he had a criminal record over 20 years ago which made the recommended sentence two to four years in state prison. This would have resulted in taking a tax paying citizen off the streets and housing him at taxpayer expense for at least two years, with a permanent loss of his job.

Alyssa of our firm believing a grave injustice was going to be committed agreed to go to a jury trial to prove this was a mistake and not an intentional theft. Following trial the jury agreed and found our client Not Guilty.  At the Law Office of John E Kusturiss Jr PLLC we are not afraid to go to trial if necessary. While most cases resolve in a non trial disposition we have the skill and knowledge to take a case to trial! When choosing a criminal defense attorney you have to ask yourself would I be comfortable with this attorney trying my case.

If you or someone you love find yourself facing criminal charges contact the Law Office of John E. Kusturiss, Jr., P.L.L.C. today for a free consultation.  Attorney’s Kusturiss and Poole have been handling Criminal Matters for more than thirty years and are ready and able to defend you!

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