Identity Theft Laws in Pennsylvania

Identity Theft Laws in Pennsylvania

In today’s high-tech world, identity theft has increasingly become a problem.  Consequently, both federal and state laws have evolved to protect consumers from individuals attempting to profit fraudulently from personal and financial information.  Several areas of illegal activity are covered by current identity theft laws including:

  • Identity Theft.  An individual who gains possession and/or use of financial and other personal information of another without consent and uses that information for personal and/or financial gain may be charged with identity theft.
  • Computer trespass.  Commonly called hacking, under this law, an individual who knowingly and without authority (or exceeding granted authority) uses a computer or computer network to create or alter financial instruments or an electronic funds transfer may be charged with computer trespass.
  • Forgery.  An individual who intentionally falsifies or alters a written document (such as a check) for fraudulent or deceitful purposes, for personal and/or financial gain may be charged with forgery.
  • Bad Checks.  An individual who knowingly writes or passes a check for payment of goods or services that will not be honored by the drawee may be charged with writing bad checks.

Pennsylvania prosecutors view identity theft as a serious crime and if you are convicted of identity theft you face serious consequences including prison and restitution to the victim.

Contact an experienced identity theft lawyer

Identity theft and related crimes are prosecuted vigorously.  However, an experienced Pennsylvania white-collar crimes defense lawyer understands the legal options available and can mount an effective defense.

Even if your guilt is not in question, a skilled attorney can negotiate in your behalf for reduced sentencing and/or charges.  Contact the Law Offices of John E. Kusturiss, Jr. online or call (610) 565-0240 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your identity theft case.

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