What to Do When Your Husband Has Been Arrested

What to Do When Your Husband Has Been Arrested

It can be a terrifying experience. You arrive at home after work or a social event and the police are waiting in your driveway. They tell you that your husband has been arrested. Or worse yet, you are at home with your husband and law enforcement authorities arrive and place him under arrest. Now what do you do?

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Husband after an Arrest

If you are with your husband when he is arrested, you want to minimize the risk that you will be charged as well. Don’t interfere with police officers when they attempt to detain your husband. If you come home to learn that your husband has been detained, you need to find out immediately where he’s being held and by whom.

Once you know where your spouse is being held, you need to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Don’t make the mistake of trying to help your spouse by talking to police officers. Most police officers place more importance on arrests and convictions than they do on obtaining justice. They will listen carefully to anything you say, and may use it against your husband in court. Let your attorney do your talking for you, or let your attorney tell you when you should or shouldn’t say something.

You are not required to go anywhere with police officers, unless they have a warrant for your arrest. In addition, you do not have to allow them into your home or on your property unless they have a valid search warrant.

Depending on the crime with which your husband is charged, you may need to provide a substantial bond. Take some time to determine what financial resources you have available to post a bond. If necessary, your attorney can help you work with a bail bondsman to secure your husband’s release.

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