How Can I Find Out about an Attorney’s Track Record?

How Can I Find Out about an Attorney’s Track Record?

Ways to Learn about an Attorney’s Track Record

How Can I Find Out about an Attorney’s Track Record?If you are involved in a legal dispute and need to hire an attorney, you want one with a strong track record, who has demonstrated an ability to efficiently and effectively get results. But how do you determine this? Where can you go to find out more about an attorney’s experience, skill, knowledge and abilities?

Ask the Attorney

The first place to look for information about an attorney is with the attorney himself (or herself). Before you go into detail about your case, ask the attorney a number of questions, including:

  • How long have you practiced?
  • How many cases have you handled that have the legal issues that mine has?
  • What are your fees and how are they charged?

You should ask about specific results, but need to understand that the attorney may be prohibited from disclosing certain information because of the attorney-client privilege. Nonetheless, ask the attorney to give you an approximation of his or her success rate, of the types of judgments he or she has received, and of the amount of time (on average) a case like yours has taken to resolve.

Finally, ask the attorney for references. Ask if he has any former clients with whom you can talk, or if he has colleagues who will speak to his skills and abilities.

Look Online

There are some services online that can help you evaluate an attorney’s track record. You can look to see if the attorney is rated under Martindale-Hubbell’s Peer Review Rating System. Martindale-Hubbell polls attorneys in different geographic areas regarding the ethics, skills and abilities of their colleagues in the legal profession, and rates attorneys based on input from other attorneys. The highest rating given under Martindale-Hubbell’s system is an AV-rating.

There are other rating services online, including AVVO, which allow attorneys and former clients to provide feedback on their experiences with attorneys.

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