Hosts, Lose the Most!

Hosts, Lose the Most!

With Prom/Graduation season upon us, it is important for families celebrating this happy time in their children’s lives to remember that alcohol safety goes beyond having a “designated driver.” If you are hosting a graduation party you need to beware of allowing your son/daughter(or their friends) to have a celebratory drink.  Many parents think that it is safer to allow their children to drink in their home and falsely believe that it is a rite of passage for kids graduating from high school.  Many parents don’t realize that underage drinking is a serious crime and carries serious penalties for those who supply alcohol to minors.

As many of you readers may have noticed, signs are popping up all over Delaware County stating “Parents Who Host Lose The Most.”  These signs hit the nail on the head.  As a host, if you allow your underage child or their friends to drink alcoholic beverages in your home, you are opening yourself up to criminal prosecution with penalties that include fines and possible jail time.  Underage drinking will not be tolerated by your local law enforcement and the penalty you will face for allowing an underage minor to consume alcohol will be no cause for celebration.

If you have criminal charges pending against you in connection with hosting an underage drinking party in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contact The Law Office of John E. Kusturiss, Jr. for a free consultation.


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