Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition

Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition

When a doctor or other healthcare professional fails to diagnose a medical condition, a person can be seriously harmed. Doctors are meant to follow strict protocol to make sure they do not fail to diagnose a serious medical problem. Yet doctors, especially those in hospital emergency rooms, are often overworked, in a hurry, or just plain tired. They may potentially miss a serious health problem as a result.

Failure to Diagnose Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

Dangerous health conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed or that doctors fail to diagnose include heart attack and stroke. In many cases, a person’s symptoms of a heart attack will build over time. In fact, a person who is having a heart attack may appear to have symptoms of indigestion.

He or she may also have other symptoms like anxiety, nausea, and shortness of breath, all signs of heart attack. Yet these symptoms may appear misleading to a physician or an ER doctor. The person may be sent home from the hospital, after waiting hours for the doctor, with a diagnosis of food poisoning or indigestion, and ultimately suffer a fatal heart attack that could have been entirely prevented.

If a doctor fails to diagnose a stroke, a person can suffer brain damage, paralysis, or even death. For the most part, strokes involve an artery that is blocked. Blood clots, especially in a person’s legs, may be a cause of a stroke. If a doctor follows the standard medical procedures, he or she will find the clots and proactively treat the problem with blood thinners.

Failure to Diagnose Septic Infection Results in 12-Year-Old’s Tragic Death

Recently in a serious case of medical malpractice out of New York, an adolescent boy who had suffered a cut on his arm was sent home from the hospital because the medical staff did not detect the signs of sepsis (blood) infection. Three days after being sent home from the hospital, the 12-year-old died of septic infection. Again, had medical staff followed procedure and paid attention, this diagnosis would have been caught and the boy’s life might have been saved. But they did not pay attention to the results of the tests that had been taken.

If you have reason to believe that your doctor or other medical professional failed to diagnose a serious condition, he or she may be liable for the harm caused.

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