Failure to Report a Felony

Failure to Report a Felony

Failing to report a felony is an ambiguous area of the law in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Many crimes go unreported, because most people, with certain exceptions, are not mandated to report a crime that they witnessed, heard about, or are a victim of, unless they are in certain professions. That said, issues arising from failure to report a felony were highlighted during the Sandusky sex molestation and assault criminal trial.

The lack of reporting of sex crimes at Penn State resulted in significant harm to many young individuals. Part of the outrage surrounding the Sandusky sex assault case was the fact that top officials at Penn State took no action to immediately notify authorities about eyewitness reports of sex attacks by Sandusky on boys as young as 10 years old.

In fact, Penn State officials essentially sat on horrifying incriminating information for 7 years. The law states that if you work at an educational organization, are a mental health worker, or a medical professional and you believe that the person you are treating has been abused; you are required by law to report the abuse you witnessed to the Department of Public Welfare of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Failure to report, if you are in one of these professions, may result in your being charged with a crime.

Failure to Report a Car Crash

It is a criminal offense to fail to report a car crash or other motor vehicle accident if you have been involved in one. You are required to prepare and send a crash report to Pennsylvania’s department of motor vehicles.

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