Engaging in Deceptive Business Practices

Engaging in Deceptive Business Practices

When a consumer believes that his or her expectations have not been met regarding a service or product they have purchased, they may have recourse to using the law to address the unfair or deceptive business practice. Pennsylvania state and federal law prohibits using deceptive business practices or engaging in unfair competition.

Essentially, deceptive business practices are defined as:

  • Using a false weight or measure to falsely determine or record a quality or a quantity of an item or service purchased
  • Selling or offering for sale or delivering less than what was the represented of the product or service
  • Selling, offering or exposing for sale adulterated or mislabeled commodities

When consumers who believe they have been victimized take action against a business owner, the consumer can potentially destroy the reputation of the business owner and ruin his or her business.

Unfair business practices may include everything from issues concerning a contract breach, to misrepresentation and failure to disclose, to selling defective products, to denial of a warranty, and more. It is important to take action to defend yourself against accusations such as these.

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