Criminal Record Expungement in Pennsylvania

Criminal Record Expungement in Pennsylvania

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, you will have a criminal record. Even if you were wrongfully charged with a crime and not convicted, your arrest is still noted on your permanent criminal record in the state of Pennsylvania. Anyone doing a background check will find your criminal record, and over 80 percent of all employers perform background checks on job applicants.

Having a record of your arrest or conviction can eliminate you from the running of the job you want. It can make you ineligible to even enter into certain professions. It can impact your ability to rent an apartment and get certain types of student loans.

The Process of Sealing Your Criminal Record

Pennsylvania will allow you to expunge or seal your criminal record, under certain circumstances. Expunging your record means that your record is completely eliminated. There will be no trace of it on any public records. The process of completely clearing your criminal record involves a number of steps, and may take many months to complete.

Clearing your criminal record in Pennsylvania includes preparing the petition for clearing your record and compiling all necessary documents, obtaining the judge’s signature on a Court Order for Expungement, and obtaining written confirmation from all agencies served with the Expungement order that they have removed your name from their records.

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