Criminal Consequences of Leaving a Child in a Car Alone

Criminal Consequences of Leaving a Child in a Car Alone

In Pennsylvania and 14 other states across the nation, it is illegal to leave a child under the age of 6 alone in a car. Even if you were gone for just a few minutes to run a quick errand, like get milk from the grocery store, pick up another child from day care, or for any other reason, it is illegal and you can be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. It is possible that a proceeding can be instituted to take your child away from you.

Most people say that they do not realize that leaving their child alone is a crime. And there are many times when a person is a single parent or dealing with an extreme circumstance that it may seem like the only option is to leave the child alone for just a minute. But it’s a huge risk that could tear a life and a family apart.

In Pennsylvania, there is no element of time regarding leaving a child in the car alone. This means that you could be gone for 30 seconds running into a gas station to pay and potentially be charged. The decision to charge is often left up to the police officer’s discretion.

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