Computer Surveillance by Police. What Can You Do?

Computer Surveillance by Police. What Can You Do?

Unbeknownst to most consumers, law enforcement agencies asked cell phone companies for subscriber information for an estimated 1.3 persons in 2013. Often, the requests are simply for location of a device, a request that currently does not require a warrant. Cell phone providers and police departments acknowledged the requests in hearings before a Congressional committee. Furthermore, it’s been revealed that, as early as 1999, the National Security Agency built what are called “back doors” into Microsoft Windows, so that they could essentially hack into the personal computers of anyone using the program.

So what are your options if you think you are being monitored or watched by police through your smartphone or your computer?

  • First, remember that your personal computer may not be searched without your permission (or a warrant). Though hackers can obtain access without permission, police must either observe illegal activity or get a warrant.
  • Always log off your e-mail and your shut down your computer when you are not using it.
  • Don’t use your employer’s computer or Internet access to handle any personal matters. Your work computer belongs to your employer, which allows your employer to monitor anything you have on it, and to provide access to anyone else without your permission.
  • Don’t use social media networks to discuss or disclose illegal activity. Law enforcement officers don’t need a warrant to go to your Facebook page.
  • Be careful about signing Terms of Service agreements. Most allow the web service provider access to your computer.

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