Bicycle Accidents: Defective Conditions in Roadways

Bicycle Accidents: Defective Conditions in Roadways

Cyclists are particularly at risk for crashing due to dangerous conditions on Pennsylvania roads. Because bicycles are lightweight, with thin tires, when a cyclist hits a pothole, bump, sewer grate or other road hazard, they can easily be thrown off their bike and suffer serious injuries.

If a defective condition on the road has caused your crash, the public municipality or state agency responsible for maintaining safe roadways in that area is likely the one to be held liable to pay for your medical treatment, damages to your bicycle, and damages related to pain and suffering, and lost time from work.

The issue becomes one of liability. Questions such as these must be asked:

  • Was the hazard preventable?
  • Could the city, state, agency, or federal government have prevented the crash had they done reasonable maintenance in the area?

Potholes and Bicycle Crashes

If a pothole caused the crash, was the initial road fix done poorly? When roadwork fixes are not performed properly, cracks will form or the fixed part will sink soon after the work is complete.

If there was a pothole, was there a warning sign or was the area blocked off? If the pothole had been in place a long time, was there negligence on the part of the government organization in fixing it?

Sewer Grates and Bike Accidents

When sewer grate bars run in the same direction as traffic, a cyclist’s tires can get caught in them. In most cities, changing the direction of the grates or just covering them with bars that crisscross can prevent accidents. These are inexpensive fixes. However, if none of this has been done and a bicyclist does crash as a result of his or her wheel getting stuck in a sewer grate, then it may be possible to hold the government agency accountable to pay for damages.

Unused Rail and Trolley Tracks on Roadways

Train rail tracks that are no longer used present a danger to cyclists. This is especially the case when these tracks are running on the road that the rider is using. When tracks run parallel (in the same direction) to the roadway or they curve, a cyclist who is not aware they are there can get a wheel stuck and crash. In cases like these, the tracks should have been removed or there should have been warning signs that there were tracks in the roads,

If you are in an accident on your bicycle, save everything that may potentially affect your case, including the bicycle itself, your helmet, your gloves, torn clothing, and so on.

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