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When you are involved in a divorce, one of the most challenging issues to resolve involves support & both child support and alimony / spousal support. As a parent, you want to know that your children’s financial needs are being taken care of, but you also want some assurances that you are not responsible for more than your fair share. The same concerns apply to alimony or spousal support. You want an experienced attorney who knows and understands the laws governing support and who has successfully helped others come to workable solutions to assist you.

At the Law Offices of John E. Kusturiss Jr., in Media, we bring more than 30 years of practice experience to people in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Attorney Alyssa K. Poole handles our divorce and family law practice, including issues related to child support or spousal support. We will carefully listen to the facts of your case so that we can identify all the issues you face, as well as the different strategies available to help you accomplish your objectives. Because of our extensive experience, we can often recommend innovative methods to help you get the outcome you want. We know that divorce proceedings can take an emotional toll and work hard to effectively and efficiently resolve your problems so that we can minimize your stress and anxiety.

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Our Child Support Practice

In Pennsylvania, child support is calculated based on a state formula that takes into consideration the income of both parents, as well as other special needs. We will carefully review all proposed child support orders for compliance with Pennsylvania guidelines and to ensure that all income is included in the calculation, including self-employment, seasonal and commission-based income. We can also help you seek an order that deviates from the state formula, if necessary.

Our Representation in Alimony and Spousal Support Matters

In Pennsylvania, there is no automatic grant of alimony or spousal support in a divorce proceeding. Instead, the court looks at a variety of factors, including the length of the marriage and the age and the health of the parties, when making a determination whether to grant alimony.

Attorney Poole will help you determine whether spousal support is warranted and, if so, how much should be paid and for how long. We will carefully review the factors set forth in the law so that you have a realistic expectation of your likelihood of success.

We work with men or women at any stage of a child support or spousal support matter, whether you have just filed for divorce and want to put a temporary order in place, or your divorce is final and you need representation in proceedings to modify or enforce a final decree.

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